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Top-Rated Automotive Locksmiths in Leesburg, Virginia

Ashburn, VA



Professional, Competitive Pricing. Licensed & Insured.



No Need to find a Ride - we come to you! We service Leesburg, VA & the surrounding area



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Automotive Locksmiths

Leesburg Virginia's Best Local Automobile Mobile Locksmith Service.
Proudly servicing Asian & Domestic Vehicles.


At Fob & key Locksmith Service, we offer car key replacement, cutting, programming, re-key, and emergency lockouts in Leesburg, Virginia and the surrounding area. Whether you're dealing with a lockout, broken key, lost key, or just need a spare key, our team of skilled technicians has the expertise to get you back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are mobile, we will come to you to cut and program keys on-site, anywhere in Leesburg, VA! Saved yourself a tow and exorbitant dealer prices with our efficient mobile service. Serving Leesburg, Virginia and the entire Northern Virginia region. 


Our Customers Say it Best

Full Service Automotive Locksmith Servicing Leesburg, Virginia


Automotive Key Replacement / Duplication

Did you lose your only car key, need a spare or have a damaged or broken key fob? No worries, we keep all types of keys in stock including basic mechanical keys, transponder keys, remote head keys, tibbe keys, and smart keys. If we don't have a key in stock we can order it and contact you when it arrives to set up an appointment. We try to keep well stocked so we can service you in an emergency.


Automotive Key Cutting

At Fob & Key Locksmith Service, we specialize in automotive key cutting for all types of keys including basic edge cut keys and high security laser cut keys. Whether it's a basic mechanical key, transponder key, remote head key, tibbe key, or an insert emergency key, we will cut it to match your vehicle. Our experienced locksmiths in Leesburg, Virginia use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your new key turns your locks as smooth as possible. 


Automotive Key Programming

Most modern cars have immobilizer systems and chips in the head of the key that need to be programmed and work together in order to start the vehicle. At Fob & Key Locksmith Service, we have the training and equipment to deal with these modern complex immobilizer systems to ensure your vehicle starts every time, and is safe and secure. Not only can we program new keys to your vehicle, we can erase the old ones if you've bought a new vehicle to ensure that only the keys in your possesion will work with the vehicle. 



Accidents happen. When you are in Leesburg Virginia and lock your keys in your cabin or trunk, we will unlock your car in such a way that prevents damage to the vehicle. We always attempt to pick the door lock first before using an airjack to wedge the door open. This eliminates any chance of damage to the door or rubber trim/moulding around the door. Don't risk letting an inexperienced tow yard or others bend your door. A simple mistake shouldn't ruin your day - give us a call/text whenever you need us!


Automotive Re-Key

Do you have a damaged door, trunk, or ignition lock that won't turn? At Fob & key Locksmith Service, we can re-build or replace your locks so they turn like new! Do you have two keys, one for the door and one for the ignition? We can re-key them so you can use one key for both. If your locks are just dirty, gritty, and hard to turn we can flush them out with specialized lock lubricant to get them turning smooth again for a long time for free!

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